Welcome to La’Fleur!

    My name is Tierra R. Jeter, owner of LaFleur Coffee Boutique. I am a wife and mom of two dedicated to empowering and inspiring millennial women of color. I left my full time career eight months ago to create a new life for myself and follow my dreams of fulltime entrepreneurship. Whenever I speak about my business the number one question I receive is, "Why coffee?" To be frank, I'm in love with coffee culture, and I know that I can make a difference in this industry!

My love for coffee began as a child in our family home. I was attracted to the aroma every time a pot was brewed. So in love, that I would sneak around the house just to drink it. My mom didn't believe that kids should have that much caffeine, and I can understand her reasoning. However, my relationship with coffee continued to blossom throughout college; but it wasn’t until I became a mom, juggling a full time career, school, and a blog, that I realized how much of an impact coffee has had on my life! Besides my faith, it was my go to on my groggiest days, my energy boost, it kept me going.

    Blogging lead me to the local coffee shops, and while there I realized that I needed much more than to just to drink good coffee at a regular shop. My desire then became to walk into an atmosphere that welcomed me with open arms; somewhere that I belonged. Shortly after this epiphany, I was given the vision to create the ideal space that I longed for. Before jumping right into a shop, I wanted to first learn more about the coffee industry, develop my brand, and ultimately provide consumers with a luxury experience both online and at our local pop-ups. 

Name Origin:

    La'Fleur is the French word for “flower” and for the last five years I have encouraged millennial women to embrace their “blossoming season” or season of growth through my former blog "Blossoming Unlimited." La’Fleur Coffee Boutique is the product of my personal blossoming season. Today, I am working hard to carry out my brand's mission; to cultivate an empowering experience for millennial women of color through coffee culture. With your help we will enhance java experiences and amplify vibes across the globe. I hope you all enjoy!